Escola de Verão em Mobilidade e Envelhecimento Ativo


Énio Pestana (Winner of the prize in the 1st edition of the course, Allumni EIT Health, Lecture in the 2nd edition of the summer school)

“Contributing with my experience in pitching in the Summer School organized by FMH was an opportunity to return to the institution where I took my first steps in Entrepreneurship. In a world where the percentage of the elderly population is increasingly representative, the concepts of mobility and active aging are paramount and a clear opportunity to innovate with impacting ideas and solutions ”.

Milagros Vargas (Trainee of the 1st edition of the Summer School)

“I had the opportunity to participate in a summer camp named #MobilityandActiveAgeing organized by Universidade de Lisboa Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Oficial) EIT Health EIT Health Campus. It was an incredible experience where we could see the last techniques to treat the problems that elderly faced it nowadays, and how to minimize the risk situations that put into danger their lives. Great people, amazing colleagues, wonderful experience.

Nevaro (Mentors in the 2nd edition of the Summer School)

“It was a pleasure for Nevaro to be able to share its vision for healthier aging via digital health solutions for mental health with such a diverse and eager to learn class. We had the opportunity to describe the societal challenges that motivate us, to stroll through the science and technical background of our solutions, and foremost to provide a deep dive into our entrepreneurial experience in transitioning from academia to business.”

Rita Tomé, TecLabs (Mentor in the 1st edition of the Summer School)

“The experience of being involved in this summer school organized by FMH could not have been more rewarding. As a mentor of the one of the participating teams, my job was to support them throughout the process of developing their business idea and could not be more proud of the work we have done together. In addition, I consider this type of initiative extremely important, bringing together participants from so many nationalities, areas of training and professional experience, so that in a multidisciplinary way they can generate innovative solutions in the most diverse areas.”

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