Maria João de Oliveira Valamatos


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  • Correia, P., Santos, P., Mil-Homens, P., Gomes, M., Dias, A., & Valamatos, M. J. (2020). Rapid hamstrings to quadriceps ratio at long muscle lengths in professional football players with previous hamstring strain injury. Eur J Sport Sci, 20(10), 1405-1413.
  • Fatela, P., Reis, J. F., Mendonca, G. V., Freitas, T., Valamatos, M. J., Avela, J., & Mil-Homens, P. (2018). Acute Neuromuscular Adaptations in Response to Low-Intensity Blood-Flow Restricted Exercise and High-Intensity Resistance Exercise: Are There Any Differences? J Strength Cond Res, 32(4), 902-910.
  • Reis, J. F., Fatela, P., Mendonca, G. V., Vaz, J. R., Valamatos, M. J., Infante, J.,... & Alves, F. B. (2019). Tissue Oxygenation in Response to Different Relative Levels of Blood-Flow Restricted Exercise. Front Physiol, 10, 407. 
  • Teixeira, F. J., Matias, C. N., Monteiro, C. P., Valamatos, M. J., Reis, J. F., Morton, R. W.,... & Phillips, S. M. (2019). Leucine metabolites do not attenuate training-induced inflammation in young resistance trained men. J Sports Sci, 37(17), 2037-2044. 
  • Valamatos, M. J., Tavares, F., Santos, R. M., Veloso, A. P., & Mil-Homens, P. (2018). Influence of full range of motion vs. equalized partial range of motion training on muscle architecture and mechanical properties. Eur J Appl Physiol, 118(9), 1969-1983. 
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