Fernando Manuel da Cruz Duarte Pereira


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  • Lucena, R. P., Matos, R., Bruno, P. M., & Pereira, F. D. (2018). Running Military Sprint Test versus Field and Wingate Protocol: A Cross Validation. Study. Development of PES 2. (Presentation and Thematic Poster). PES 2018. 3rd International Conference on Physical Employment Standards. University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom.
  • Mendonça, G. V., Teodósio, C., Lucena, R., & Pereira, F. D. (2016). Sexual dimorphism in the osmopressor response following water ingestion. Bioscience reports, 36(3).
  • Carvalho, J., Araújo, D., Travassos, B., Fernandes, O., Pereira, F., & Davids, K. (2014). Interpersonal Dynamics in Baseline Rallies in Tennis. International Journal of Sports Science & Coaching9(5), 1043-1056.
  • Mendonça, G. V., Teixeira, M. S., & Pereira, F. D. (2012). Cardiovascular responses to water ingestion at rest and during isometric handgrip exercise. European journal of applied physiology112(7), 2495-2501.
  • Mendonça, G. V., Pereira, F. D., & Fernhall, B. (2011). Effects of combined aerobic and resistance exercise training in adults with and without Down syndrome. Archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation92(1), 37-45.
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