António José Mendes Rodrigues


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Educação, Ciências Sociais e Humanidades
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Publicações relevantes
  • Rodrigues, A. & Moles, J. (2020). Teacher educators and preservice teachers as designers: Exploring Laban's framework within gymnastics settings – An approach in physical education teacher education. In F. C. Chambers, D. Aldous, & A. Bryant, Threshold Concepts in Physical Education. A Design Thinking Approach (pp. 63-74). Routledge.
  • Fernandes, G. W. R., Rodrigues, A. M., & Ferreira, C. A. (2020). Professional development and use of digital technologies by science teachers: A review of theoretical frameworks. Research in Science Education, 50, 673-708.
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  • Ferreira, G. W. R., Rodrigues, A. M., & Ferreira, C. A. (2018). Conceptions of the nature of Science and Technology: A study with children and youths in a non-formal Science and Technology Education setting. Research in Science Education, 48(5), 1071-1106. 
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