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  • Volossovitch, A. & Debanne, T. (2021). Home Advantage in Handball. In M.A. Gómez-Ruano, R. Pollard, C. Lago-Peñas (Eds.) Home Advantage in Sport. Causes and the Effect on Performance (220-227). London: Routledge. 
  • Almeida, C. H., & Volossovitch, A. (2021). Relative age effect among U14 football players in Portugal: do geographical location, team quality and playing position matter? Science and Medicine in Football. doi:10.1080/24733938.2021.1977840
  • Ramos, S., Volossovitch, A., Ferreira, A. P., Fragoso, I., & Massuça, L. (2019). Differences in maturity, morphological and physical attributes between players selected to the primary and secondary teams of a Portuguese Basketball elite academy. Journal of Sports Sciences, 37(15), 1681–1689. doi: 10.1080/02640414.2019.1585410. 
  • Volossovitch, A. (2017). Research topics in Team Handball. In P. Passos, D. Araújo & A. Volossovitch (Eds.) Performance Analysis in Team Sports. (200-217). London: Routledge.
  • Barnabé, L., Volossovitch, A., Duarte, R., Ferreira, A.P., & Davids, K. (2016). Age-related effects of practice experience on collective behaviours of football players in small-sided games. Human Movement Science, 48, 74-81.  doi: 10.1016/j.humov.2016.04.007
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