Professor Ricardo Duarte em entrevista ao jornal Pohjalainen

Professor Ricardo Duarte em entrevista ao jornal local na Finlândia Pohjalainen sobre o seu mais recente projeto profissional como treinador adjunto do clube finlandês Vaasan Palloseura

The Football Professor starts from human relationships

The new assistant coach of Vaasan Palloseura, Ricardo Duarte, has trained coaches at the University of Lisbon.

The newest member of Vaasan Palloseura’s coaching staff, Portuguese Ricardo Duarte, tells what are the five things that matter the most to him in football.

1) Relationships 

  • Coaching is work that is done with people. Relationships are created not only with the players, but also with other members of the staff and the board of directors, with all the people involved.

2) Systematic planning

  • The starting point for systematic planning is good if confidential relationships are created. If you compare Finland to Portugal, people in general are much more organized and systematic here.
  • I have now noticed that the club is well organized. Everyone knows their role and what kind of impact they can have.
  • Systematic planning is also important at coaching level. If you are not an organised coach, you cannot fulfill many of the tasks that need to be done between matches.
  • We must take into account our working capacity and prioritize things. Sometimes there are situations when there is not time to get everything done and you have to prioritize.

3 and 4) Responsibility and autonomy, creativity and determination

  • I like responsible and autonomous players. Of course we have to use some coaching strategies to promote players’ responsibility and autonomy.
  • I think players are the most important people in football. Without the coaches we can have football games, but without the players we cannot. Players must be responsible and at a certain degree also autonomous in the pitch, so they can implement the kind of football that is best for spectators and for the whole football phenomenon.
  • People generally enjoy such players and teams that can create something unusual. That is why we need to strengthen players' self-determination, creativity and autonomy.
  • I like the word teaching more than the word training. We need to teach players because all people can be taught, not just young people. Players must be taught decision-making skills even though players know how we want to play and need to respect the general framework we are implementing.
  • Responsibility and autonomy are more important outside the field, creativity and self-determination in the field, but of course these things are linked together.
  • I enjoy very much to watch for example Manchester City's Kevin de Bruyne playing. His decisions on the pitch are very “out of the box”, unusual. He attracts people to stadiums.

5) Adaptability

  • I want to help the team to know how to impose an opponent's game while being flexible and adaptable.
  • Sometimes the game asks to be intelligent and flexible with game scenarios that are not so common for a team. You have to get along with the requirements of the game, not just with what your team wants.
  • There are two different units in the game. Sometimes we are better than opponents and we must impose our playing style, but at certain times the opponent can cause problems out of our comfort zone. We must be prepared for these situations.
  • Players must understand the game very well, and our coaches must prepare them for different situations inside the game, not just in the way we want to play.
  • Identity is important, but we can also incorporate adaptability into our identity. This is important to succeed.


in Pohjalainen| 13/11/2017
Professor Ricardo Duarte em entrevista ao jornal Pohjalainen

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