Skeletal Muscle Hypertrophy: from fundamentals to practice!

17 de Novembro de 2018,

  • 0900h-13h00 - The mechanisms of muscle hypertrophy: What makes muscles grow? (theoretical session) 0,8 UC
  • 14h00-18h00 - Practice in the Gym! (practical session) 0,8 UC
    1. Manipulating resistance training variables: Sets, reps, frequency and beyond
    2. The science of exercise selection: Combining exercises for maximal muscle growth

Session overview: This full day seminar will combine lecture and hands-on learning to provide an intensive educational experience on how to maximize muscle growth through resistance training. The lecture component will involve a discussion of the mechanisms responsible for muscle growth. The module will include an overview of what we currently know from science about the hypertrophy process and how training can be tailored to take advantage of these mechanisms for maximizing growth. Next there is a discussion of how resistance training variables can be manipulated to enhance hypertrophy. The topic includes what science says about sets, reps, frequency, rest intervals and tempo as to their effects on muscle growth. The presentation concludes with a hands-on session detailing how exercises can be combined to produce optimal muscle development and symmetry. Muscles have varied attachments and functions, and understanding the nuances of how exercises interact is essential to creating hypertrophy-oriented routines. All the major muscle groups will be covered, as well as how different modalities (free weights, cables, machines, etc) can be employed to maximize results.

Nota: Esta formação será em leccionada em Inglês.

Faculdade de Motricidade Humana (Sábado de manhã)
Ginásio do Complexo Desportivo do Jamor (Sábado à tarde)

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