ENSEC (The European Network for Social and Emotional Competence) is a growing network of European Researchers and Practitioners who are interested in children’s and young people’s social and emotional development, particularly in working to develop their resilience and their social and emotional competence.

The network has been in existence now for seven years and has a growing and thriving membership right across the world. This conference builds on four previous successful and vibrant ENSEC Conferences in Malta, Turkey, UK and Croatia.

As an International network ENSEC draws together members from a diversity of cultures, geographically, linguistically, and of course professionally. Since our conferences and networking have always involved consideration of the cultural dimensions of social and emotional competencies, this year we have chosen to make this our focus.

We expect that the 5th ENSEC Conference dedicated to Social Emotional Learning and Culture will provide a valuable opportunity for researchers, and practitioners to discuss and disseminate their work. Delegates and previous participants will have the opportunity to find old friends from the previous conferences and make new friends, and additionally a unique occasion to visit and discover Lisbon , a modern city with lots of traditions!