Post-graduation in Special Education – Cognitive and Motor Domain

Vitor Cruz & Ana Rodrigues

The Post-graduation course in Special Education – Cognitive and Motor Domain, aims to enable educators, teachers, and other technicians, to meet the challenges and theoretical, methodological, and practical demands, posed by the latest guidelines on the Inclusive School.

It includes theoretical and methodological course units, viewing practical application in the professional action of the Special Education teacher, or the technician responsible for the assessment/intervention in school context, in the field of inclusive education.

The curriculum design of the Post-graduation course is an up-to-date offer on the knowledge of the most common Development Disorders in school context, in the field of cognitive, motor, behavioral and emotional difficulties, and includes a set of course units structured around the growing need schools face in addressing the different needs of their students. The academic staff includes a range of experts with renowned pedagogical and research curricula, with an academic career rather close to the professional practice of Inclusive Education. The improvement of professional practice guides throughout the development of the Study Plan, which is also based on the latest research, thus combining research to profession.

More specifically, this Post-graduation aims to provide:

  • A set of theoretical, and theoretical and practical knowledge, referring to the (a)typical development of the human being, taking into account different stages of the life cycle, and different domains of development.
  • Assessment and intervention skills in school context, required to carry out teaching duties, mentoring, and support to people with special needs in the cognitive and motor domain;
  • Teamwork skills, and an ethical and dynamic attitude to create integrated and sharing organizational models, open to the sphere of family, community and interdisciplinary relationship.


This Post-graduation course is intended for: Qualified Primary and Secondary School teachers; other technicians who may be able to join the Special Education staff, according to Decree-Law No. 3/2008, of the 7th January.

To be admitted to the Course, applicants have to be holder of a Degree, or legal equivalent.

This course awards a Post-graduation Diploma, according to no. 1, of Article 15, of the Lei de Bases do Sistema Educativo, and paragraph d), Article 39, of Decree-Law 107/2008.

Students aiming the Specialization have to meet the requisites mentioned in no. 2, Article 4, of Decree-Law 95/97, of the 23rd of April 1997.

The course lasts for 2 semesters, with a total of 260 teaching hours. The 1st semester has a duration of 143 teaching hours , and the 2nd semester has 117 teaching hours, there including the Project.

  • Friday   – 18h00 – 22h00 (04 hours)
  • Saturday – 09h00 – 13h00 (04 hours)
  • Saturday – 14h00 – 16h00 (02 hours)

Please access to make the online application, and for all the necessary information and required documents.


1000,00€, payable in two different moments.

  • With Registration: 500,00€
  • In February 2016: 500,00€


30 vacancies

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